Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little Christmas decorating

This post is a leeeetle belated - my apologies. I started this post back at the front end of December, put it away, and now it's February! Isn't it unfortunate how the holidays, designed to give people family time and relaxation, usually end up having the opposite effect and sending us into a tailspin of busy-ness and tiredness? I end up doing a whole bunch of things that I think need to get done while neglecting the things that should be enjoyed. Just an observation.

A little post-script here: I see the post before this one was at Halloween-time...yup, it's been a while. I'm trying to keep up, honest.

At any rate. About Thanksgiving-time one usually starts thinking about getting the tree up, so it was off to the tree nursery we went. This year we invested in what is called a "noble fir" - a very beautiful and well-proportioned tree, but with weak branches that tend to bend when laden with heavy ornaments (note to self: look for something else next year). We got out the boxes of Christmas decorations and the girls had a blast digging through all the boxes for stuff they hadn't seen for a year. Moosie helped himself to some homemade dough ornaments (mmm...salty) and sat on the floor to watch.

For your viewing pleasure:

Mary surveys her work.

Julia, playing with the plastic Fisher-Price nativity we finally broke down and bought this year, after the little ceramic Mary on our good one got her hand broken off for the fifth (sixth? seventh?) time!

Said Mary is huddling in fear somewhere in here. What's that you say? Snow? What's that stuff?

My wife extends her campaign to torture our long-suffering Simon.

Moosie can't get enough of that box! mean, dough ornaments.

Trying out my artistic talents here...

The finished tree.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First snow

...and Miss J insists she needs to be out in it. In boots and snowpants.

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