Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas, everyone! From the three Sprengelers of Duluth, we pray that you had a great Christmas and continue to celebrate in the weeks to come. I always love how some radio stations play Christmas music all December long. I also experience a big let down on Dec 26th, because those same radio stations decide to go back to the everyday music at midnight. I jumped in my car this morning expecting some Nat King Cole or something...and instead I was innundated with Queen. Oh well.

Here are a few Christmas pictures to share.

As any toddler would, Julia loved presents. Her favorite part was ripping the bow off and shredding it into little bits. Thanks to everyone who sent or gave us gifts. Sorry we had to miss the big Riesgraf gathering, but my being on call necessiated our staying home. Thank God I had just enough time to leave the hospital and go to Christmas church, eat the nummy dinner Mike made us, and open gifts with Julia. (I got paged back to the hospital about two seconds after we put her to bed.) Amazing how that stuff works out.)
Julia loved her new Noah's Ark toy. She takes pride in feeding all the animals. After dinner, she helped herself to some leftovers and was found to be "feeding....num num" to a pair of little plastic monkeys....

We love Christmas!
the Christmas dress. Julia did the classic "little girl thing" on Christmas Eve....lift up her dress and show her panties and diaper to everybody. I guess it's fun to do that. If I had a big poofy dress like hers, I"d be tempted to flail it all around, too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting things ready for Christmas

Julia's list of stuff to get ready for Christmas:

1. Christmas cards. Need to decorate the envelopes.

2. Pants, chair, and floor must also be decorated. Use stickers left over from Christmas cards.

3. Taste-test cookie dough to make sure it is up to my exacting specifications. Use measuring spoon.

4. Relax and enjoy ice-cold milk while Papa makes the cookies. Then eat finished cookies.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oh I feel guilty....our special little internet blog is suffering on my behalf. Don't give up on us!

I'll just drop a note to say that we're all still alive and well....although the fridge is empty, the laundry pile has reached the ceiling, and we have yet to get the Christmas cards out. Have no big streak of call nights slows down come Monday.

One piece of great news: I have finally figured out sodium homeostasis. Get this: if you are dried out (dehydrated), it is probably because your kidneys are losing too much salt....and your sodium is LOW....and you actually need SALT (and some water)! THAT is why I had a coke and a bag of ruffles (with ridges) for lunch today. Ha!

tune in next week for some more nerd talk......

Thursday, December 6, 2007


A funny thing happened today. We were decorating our tree for Christmas and Julia helped us. It was a fun time...she loved helping and got very excited. She does this thing now where she'll just start dancing around for no reason, even when there's no music playing. It's really cute!

Anyways, we went over to a friend's house earlier this evening and Julia, who was sitting on my lap, began pointing at a Santa Claus doll on the top of a bookshelf. She got really excited and jumped up and down (right on my bladder, mind you)....I could tell she wanted to say something and just couldn't get it out. Finally, the words came to her: "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!" She shrieked.... It was true. My daughter was pointing at a Santa Claus and thought HE was Jesus. Our friends got a good laugh. This one is going down in the books. I guess she is a wise girl. Jesus was also a Jolly Man who brought good tidings to the earth. However, when he comes back to earth, I don't think it will be in a sleigh......
Julia puts ornaments on the tree. She noticed that there were popcorn and cranberry strings on the tree, too. So, being the brilliant little girl that she is, she decided to take the popcorn we were eating and throw big handfulls of that on the tree, too. I guess I couldn't blame her. It looked pretty cool when she was done!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Well, it came! On Saturday, we got 20 inches of snow. What a great blizzard. Not as ridiculous as the four feet of last year, which is nice. I am happy to say that a measly twenty inches is very manageable compared to what we got last March. The snow couldn't have come at a better time. I happened to be on internal medicine call, and came home in the evening for supper just as the snow started really falling. Two hours later when they tried to call me in, I was snowed in!!!!! YAY!!!! I managed patients from home and turfed the admits to the hospitalist. Jesus loves me. I slept ten hours that night. :)

Pictured here is our new pride and joy...I finally caved and let Mike go and buy a snowblower. He drove it...and drove it...and drove it. Our neighbors are tickled pink about the whole deal.
Psymuhn looks rather serious for this shot. I think he was thinking about the leftovers in his dish that was hidden under the cupboard....
Miss Julia has a few hundred tastes of the fresh snow. And yes, we had the talk about the yellow snow......