Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday's post...

...was a little premature. Because this is what our yard looks like tonight.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It was fifty degrees!!!

Yesterday, it was FIFTY (yes, five-oh) degrees here in Ypsilanti. (Ip-suh-lan-tee) and we took advantage of it! We walked Luke around the neighborhood and greeted the new green grass as it peeked out from under the snow. Living in Michigan has its perks: winter is literally cut in HALF. It feels like we went straight from November to March. It went from fall, to the "brown crunchy stage" to SNOW, snow, and more SNOW, and now it's melting. So far it's been all of the fun parts of winter without being cold! I don't think we even made it below zero. So our fifty degree day in February was met with welcoming arms and we attempted to replenish the stores of vitamin D.
Mike was our photographer. I love this one!

Almost all the snow is gone.

OK, so the pics are a bit out of order. Not sure why. Also not sure why this text is suddenly underlined. I am such a computer guru...shoulda made a career out of it!

Hi everybody!