Saturday, June 30, 2007

The week in a paragraph

Julia didn't want to wear her bib. She is expressing disappointment.
She loves her swing.


I must admit, all of this residency stuff has impeded on my blogging skills. And my camera-remembering skills. We had a fun week around here. Busy, but fun. Mike enjoyed his first week at the Cub Pharmacy, I sat through lots of orientation meetings, and Julia played at home with Auntie Annie.

Yesterday (Friday), Julia and I went to the annual picnic for the Residency program. Julia had a great time...there was a pinata (she didn't hit it, but she did pick up a bunch of tootsie rolls), water balloons, popsicles, and a huge tug-of-war match. There were also more seagulls. Oh boy!!! She chased them again, but she is getting smarter: she carried a hot dog bun with her...and to her joy, they stayed much closer this time.

Julia and Mike are in St. Cloud this weekend because Great grandma Adeline is turning 90. Mommy is stuck up in Duluth. Today's task: download a bunch of software onto my new PDA. Without Mike here to tell me how to do it, things could get very interesting.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

We owe you some pictures...

I have been negligent with the pictures. Here are some photos from our latest adventures:

Last Wednesday, we went to dinner at the residency director's house. I met my future colleagues (all ten of them.) Justin Quade, one of my fellow classmates from UMD, has a son named "Asa" who is just two days younger than Julia. The two of them had some fun playing with the patio door.Julia and Asa
ON Saturday, we drove down to aunt Susie's cabin for a graduation party. On our way to the lake, we stopped in the cities at a McDonald's for a bite to eat. Julia had most of a McChicken. We love the dollar menu!
Mayonnaise face!
Daddy has a drink of Mr. Pibb.

At the graduation party, Julia put her lifejacket on and went swimming over her head! Did I mention that kid loves the water? Especially lake water. She just can't get enough of it. (A true Minnesota girl....she also loves Jello and Hotdish.) Above is a picture of great uncle Bob, uncle Bob, and brother Bob. They are standing in front of the sauna...which wasn't very popular on Saturday. It was HOT!! My family has some avid golfers....I guess Julia might be one of them someday! That's cousin Matt laughing at her in the background.
Julia stops to chew on some Yahtzee dice. Great Grandpa Roger is in the background.
Today (Sunday) Mike and I have had a day without the little one! Grandma Beth and grandpa Dick have her until Tuesday (they picked her up at the lake yesterday). Mike and I had a very productive day. He worked in the yard and brought a few things to the dump. I worked on my talk for the Minnesota Hospital Association. We also took a nap. For supper, our friends Kristian and Jenny invited us over for some gourmet food. Yum. We had some margaritas before dinner and watched their cable TV....a real treat for us.
This is Kristian and Jenny's obese cat, Walz. He weighs twenty two pounds after his year-long diet, which before he weighed thirty two pounds.
This last picture is of "Mike Tyson," Kristian and Jenny's other kitty. He was also being very hot and lounging on the banister.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Five years ago, Mike and I set a trend. (We have never been the cool ones, mind nerds, science geeks yes....not cool enough to be trendsetters.) Anyways, we went and got married...on a rainy Friday afternoon in June, the longest day of the year. We were the first amongst friends to take the plunge and we're so glad that we did! We celebrated with dinner at the Pickwick restaurant and a walk on the Lakewalk. Beautiful night!

Happy anniversary to Dave and Miriam...four years today! You sure picked a nice date to get married on. Also a nice date to have your first child on.... :)

Mike, Julia, and I all had interesting days, even though we weren't together.

Mike went to a bunch of meetings at the pharmacy. He learned that it's illegal to ask any prospective employees about any sort of criminal history they've had. I thought that was dumb. He also noticed a very important drug error: sertraline ( antidepressant) and tramadol (ultram...a pain medicine) taking these two drugs can cause "serotonin syndrome" which is bad news. He could have saved a life! yay for husband!

I spent the day learning ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) and practicing intubating, CPR-ing, and giving iv meds to mannequins. Which brings me to my next question: camp people....WHO was it that came up with the mantra during the "shark song" that goes, "C...P....R do doo da do...." ???? I am a bit embarrassed and also a bit proud to say that whenever I am giving CPR, I sing that little number in the back of my head. It helps keep the rhythm. don't ever tell that to a patient. I can just see it now, "Doctor sings shark song during resuscitation and victim ends up "going to heaven." (...if you remember right....after the CPR part, the next verse is "going to heaven do do....dooo doo...da do"; not "patient's breathing doo doo....doo doo da do.") woe is me.

Julia had a fun day as well. Auntie Annie took her to the lake walk, then to the beach, then to the dairy queen. This evening, she attended Dan's softball game while we were out to dinner, and it was the first time Dan's team won their game! Julia cheered....and also stole some chips from a seven year old. She is a brave soul.

Well, that was our day. I hope yours fun, too.....until tomorrow,
Sprengeler clan

Back to work

Well, today marks the first day of residency for Sarah. We don't actually start treating patients until July first, today is ACLS training. It is also our fifth wedding anniversary! Mike's parents gave us something made out of wood since five years is supposedly the "wooden anniversary." I think we're going out tonight.....more on this later. Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Julia got the camera lens

A nice clear picture.....of a seemingly innocent suspect...

Ha! A grin and a thumb...coming right for us! She knows what she's about to do!

Suddenly, the world looks blurry....hmmmm...I wonder why?
Guilty as charged!

Well, today was another fun one for the books. Annie babysat Julia this morning so I could work on my presentation for the Minnesota Hospital Association. This afternoon, I studied ACLS stuff for residency, and then after supper, Julia and I went to the park. There happened to be a free concert there: a band playing 50's and 60's music. There were hundreds of kids running around. Julia never seemed to run out of gas. She was running around with these older kids and knocking down their sand sculptures for two hours! I took some pictures of her...and then learned, to my dismay, that none of them turned out. I was terrified.....was there something wrong with our new-ish camera????

I took a look at the lens. There is a dirty, smudgy, yet suspiciously tiny, fingerprint in the middle of it. We have one of those lens cleaning kits, so never fear... However, the pictures from today look terrible. INstead of seeing today's crappy pictures, I leave you with photographic evidence of the culprit of the "fingerprint on the lens" crime.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend at the Cabin

Even Psymuhn had a fun time! He is smiling for us.

Is it time to have Margaritas yet? I found your tequilla stash, mommy......

Playing with a big trout.

I love my swing!

Julia took the kayak out for a spin

Swinging with Grandma

We had a great weekend at the cabin. Beautiful weather, good swimming, and some time with grandpa and grandma. Julia had a blast! Mommy and Daddy had a great time, too. Sunday was rather windy: a great day for sailing! We tried out the new catamaran and sailed all over the lake. Nobody fell in!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Family Picture

We're off to the lake! Tomorrow is a big big day in Duluth: Grandma's marathon. Everybody in the world is coming up we are leaving town for the lake. We finally got the Chrysler fixed (again) to the tune of $ off we go. At least the A/C still works. See you Sunday night!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Luna Moth!

Joy, five points to you! And five points to Derek are correct! The mysterious creature in the picture of Tuesday's blog is a Luna Moth. The picture on wikipedia matches the moth pictures we took at the cofffee shop exactly! Cool!

Noah, you get a point for creativity. I wouldn't put it past "DreamWorks" animation to breed millions of huge green moths to promote Shrek III. You would think they could have genetically engineered them to have little pictures of Shrek on their wings. Hmmmm. Take a closer look at the moth picture above. What do you think?

Now for the real thing! I googled it: here is what I found:
Although the photo does indeed look a little like something out of a spooky Steven Spielberg movie, it's actually a lateral closeup of the caterpillar of a Luna Moth, Actias luna. Found across eastern North America, the Luna Moth (left) is in the Saturniidae, the family that includes Giant Silkworm Moths; Luna Moth, Actias lunathese are large moths with wingspans of up to almost 6", but the 5" Luna Moth appears even larger because of long tails on its hindwings.

Julia says "bird"

This evening, we had a picnic supper on the beach at Park Point (that's Lake Superior) with a few of my new colleagues. After we ate, Julia took off walking at baby mach-III toward a seagull across the field shouting "brrrr brrrr brrrr!" It was amazing. I didn't know she knew the word "bird," but apparently she knows what a bird is and chose tonight to tell us about it. She was also determined to catch it and wandered a hundred or so yards away before we went and grabbed her. (Can anybody say "independent?") The seagull just kept walking away from her and leading Julia astray. It was pretty funny. We eventually had to hunt her down when we realized that she wasn't planning on coming back until she got the birdie for herself.

Later on, I sacrificed a hot dog bun and fed a flock of seagulls. Julia shrieked with delight as they dive-bombed me for the bread chunks. Mike calls them "rats with wings." I think they are cute. Julia wants to pet them. I guess we will be going back to the beach in the future!

As I look at the pictures, you can barely see Julia in them. I guess you can tell how far away she really was. Click on them to see her cute little seagull strut.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A huge beautiful green moth thing

Do we have an entomologist in the crowd?

Annie, Julia, and I were driving through the coffee place yesterday, and there was this green creature sitting right on the drive-through window. At first, I thought it was a decoration. It looked like a green butterfly with yellow horns. It was huge! More than four inches in length and about that wide, too. You can see how big it is comparing it to the coffee lady's arm in the picture.

Suddenly, it moved! It stretched its wings and adjusted its position on the window. When I realized it was a bug, I was terrified at first (I HATE bugs) but it was too beautiful to be scared of. Anybody know what kind of bug this thing is? Five brownie points for the right answer.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Tim and I doing "Roll Out the BArrel." (What's a good Minnesota wedding without a polka...or five?

Julia lasted a LONG time. We didn't leave the reception until 10:30! She had fun dancing with the other kids there. Kids make weddings so much more fun. I'm glad we got to bring her. ;)

Mike's mom and Julia

Another fun wedding this Wheaton, MN. Mike's cousin, Andrea, was married to Chris on Saturday. We made the five-hour trek to sing in the wedding and spend some time with family. Mike and I, along with Ruth and Mike's uncle Mark made up a quartet and sang some music during the ceremony. A great time was had by all! We had a hotel with a pool, which Julia really enjoyed.

Julia had her first sinus/ear infection and we had to start some antibiotics on Saturday. Good thing Doctor/Grandma Beth called us in an scrip for Augmentin in a moment's notice. Julia is feeling better now, thanks to antibiotics, sudafed, benadryl, and some IBU (aka advil...but Juila calls it "IBU"....short for iburprofen.)

More pictures to come!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Flower Power......and "mother" earth in Duluth

Today, Julia and I had a unique experience. We had been told by a neighbor lady (who I have always thought of as being very "granola") that there is a get-together on Tuesday mornings at a local Methodist church where moms sing songs with their kids. Great! I thought. I wanted to talk to the other moms in the area and find out the dirt on local daycare options so that I can find the best place for Julia, who has to start daycare on July 30th. Plus, Julia loves to sing with the church choir.... so off we went.

After I walked in the door, I immediately knew that we were in for a surprise. The couple who appeared to be in charge were drinking some mysterious gray liquid from a gallon-sized Ball jar in the back. They waved "hello," and then called to introduce us to their two sons: "Canyon," and "River." Just then, another woman walked in who looked relatively normal, but all bets were off when she pulled down her shirt and started nursing her SIX year old. Oh dear. Several other moms arrived, many of them with babies strapped to their bodies, most of their children having been named after other objects in nature such as "Stream," "Reed," and "Dandelion." I am not kidding...I honestly met a poor little blonde-haired girl whose mother had named her "Dandelion."

Everyone there seemed to be thinking in a fog. I missed the dress code: I didn't have a long flowing skirt, three dirty shirts, and some teva sandals on. I also made the mistake of putting in some pearl earrings....instead of long, dangly earrings with 'sacred crystals" in them. The other moms were nice enough, as long as you didn't talk to them more than just "hello." One woman asked me if I knew how to get some more unpasturized goat's milk. Another lady informed me that she was having a baby at home in a few weeks with no doctor visits...ever. From then on, I planted my butt onto a chair in the circle and let Julia play while I watched her fiercely....just in case somebody tried to slip her some brownies or something.

There were about twenty moms there with their kids. When we started singing, I was relieved. Perhaps this would be like camp all over again! We started out with "The Noble Duke of York, Who had Ten Thousand Men." I know that one! I picked up Julia and sang. After that, we began a slippery slope downhill. First, there were songs from "Native Americans" with many syllables, all directed at talking to "the earth." Then, we sang songs about "our gentle mother" (I think this was talking about the this time I was lost.) Finally, we seemed to give up singing about the fantastic earth and moved onto sending "energy" to "others in need." By this time I was nauseous. I tried singing a few of their songs and quietly inserting "Father" instead of "Mother" into them and pretending I was in church....but I got a few annoyed looks. Then, I pretended to play with this homely little girl named "Breeze" as an excuse to get out of singing.

Finally, Julia had had enough and she opened up one of the huge, heavy wooden doors and let herself out. When the other kids saw how she opened the door, they all ran toward it and escaped with her...sending a whole herd of Hippie Kids into the sanctuary of the Methodist church. It was my chance! I scooped her up, grabbed the diaper bag, and snuck out the fire door. We ran straight to the Honda and drove away....not looking back for fear of getting some "bad energy" sent out way.....

I sang Julia some hymns on the way home, just in case she recalled some of that crap they tried to teach her in those songs. Oh dear. Guess we didn't accomplish our mission today, unless you count the fact that we managed to let some young minds escape the wrath of a hippie party for a few minutes while the dippy mothers tried to catch them.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

We love Sundays

Julia hopped on mommy's lap for some strawberry shortcake in the middle of a great game of 500.

Have you ever noticed that babies and kitties love the same kinds of toys? Here is Julia, chewing on Bunger's jingly ball.

A Sunday all to ourselves! We had nowhere to drive today...just a nice day at home. After lunch, Mike put Julia down for a nap and the two of us went outside and tie dyed some fabric. We felt like little kids. I must admit...I love to get messy. Then I made up a new bran muffin recipe. I am proud of it...they are delicious and actually good for you! Anybody want a new recipe? I will post it if I get any requests.

For supper, Dan and Jessi picked us up and we went to Pizza Hut with a coupon. Yum. Then it was cards (500 and Whist) until bedtime. All in all a great day.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Baby shower!

Hey Julia, can I eat some rubber bands, too?

Josiah and his daddy

Playing with a huge pile of rubber bands

Julia spent some time rocking Josiah in the swing

Tie-dyeing onesies

Today was the baby shower for the camp couples who have had or will have babies in the recent months: Spork (Allison to other people) had Rachel a few weeks ago, Bocca (Miriam to other people) had Josiah in April, and Ringo (Sarah to other people) will have a baby in July.

Amy, Aimee, Micah, Miriam, Dave, and Josiah came up to spend some time in Duluth. This is the same group who crammed themselves into the cab of a pick-up truck in September all the way to Chicago for Funguy's wedding. Dave pointed out that we can't do that anymore. At the time, Aimee and I were pregnant...and now Julia and Micah would need carseats. Josiah is here, too. Our numbers have grown from six to nine! Do they make truck cabs that can hold nine?

We had a great time chatting and even had a chance to tie dye some onesies for the new arrivals! Julia played with Micah, who is only a month older. The girls shared sippy cups, watched some baby einstein, and "shared" their toys. What a great day.


There are times in our lives too numerous to remember where we learn a skill that will be with us for the rest of our days. Today, Julia mastered one of those skills:

"Dip it in Ketchup."

She had a lunch of chicken nuggets, butter bread, and apples. She didn't eat much, and I wanted her to, so I put a little dollop of ketchup on her plate and showed her how to dip the nuggets. Her face lit up like a light bulb. After that, she began to dip everything on her plate in the delicious redness. She ate all of her lunch, even the ketchup-dipped apples. Mmmmmmmmm.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dirty Girl

Julia's pool filled up with some rainwater which eventually got very muddy.

I was exhausted keeping her occupied and clean all mommy had a weak moment: I put her down outside. Julia got her way, and within minutes, her cute little purple sweatsuit turned into a dripping, brown, wet mess. Oh well, sometimes you just have to let the little ones get dirty. She had a fantastic time and I even snapped some pictures.

By the way, if you haven't already, click on the picture and look at it can see how dirty she really was. After an hour or so of being dirty, it was bathtime. For both of us. :)
A Julia grin. She loves to be dirty.

A multipurpose pool! Julia found an old garden glove to play with in her pool. She would dip in in the water and then fling muddy water all over the place. Stand back, mommy and Annie! Psymuhn took advantage of the situation and helped himself to a delicious muddy beverage.
This is the first year the bleeding heart had blossoms! It earned its way into the blog

My tulips along the front walk

I am mad at you for not letting me eat that muddy glove anymore!

Julia decided to walk across the alley toward our neighbors' driveway. Actually, it's not a driveway, it's a mud pit. The puddles of mud in it are at least six inches deep. I ran scooped her up immediately after taking the picture. She was sorely disappointed. I love this picture....the impending doom is hilarious.

Julia must be teething. For the past few days, she has been having what I would like to call "Impossible" streaks. She is fussy and demanding and ibuprofen can only go so far. Needless to say, she has been rather trying to take care of. She is getting five new teeth right now, so I think we know the culprit. I looked in her ears: clear. (It sure is nice to have an otoscope so I can just look in there when I want to know.) She will reluctantly do activities with me if I persuade her.