Monday, May 31, 2010

New Camera!

Hey friends!

We finally broke down and did it: we bought a new camera. I just about chucked the old one out the window on the day of Annie's wedding...I put brand new batteries in it, took TWELVE pictures. Yes, twelve. And then it died. Of course, by the time it died, we were at the church already, so I missed a LOT of good photo opportunities. (Although I must admit, I probably wouldn't have taken very many because I was busy wrangling three kiddos all day, two of them in white dresses.)

So, I went online and bought a Canon Rebel. It's a digital SLR camera. Don't ask me what that means. I wanted a camera that took a picture the instant you pressed the button. I hated waiting for our old camera to think for a second or two before it actually took the picture. By the time the camera would click, the Kodak moment was gone. Well, our new camera takes pictures the instant you press the button. Yay!

I guess it has a LOT more to it than that. I am now a student of photography, I guess. Mike is, too. We are having fun thinking about physics and how it relates to shutter speed, aperture size, and light. Wheee!

I also think that turning my husband into a photography nerd will help us take more pictures and post them up here. We need to do that since we are moving to Ann Arbor in ten days. Let the chaos begin!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Time for a bath! Today marked the first time we had three kids in our bathtub at once. As we were washing them up, I remembered one of my duties as a parent that I had been neglecting: take nudie pics of them in the tub while they will still let me. ;) So here are a few. Luke got lots of "help" washing up his hair. He was a bit flustered by the ordeal.
Mary likes the bath foam. Isn't she photogenic?
Luke stared at the obnoxious one.
I swear, I didn't give him a perm! Luke's beautiful hair makes tight blonde curls when it is wet. What a handsome boy!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Annie gets married!

Hi everybody! Well, it happened. My favorite, baby, and only sister said her vows a week ago tonight and married a wonderful guy. I couldn't be happier for them. The wedding was wonderful. I cried during the vows. Annie cried during the vows. It seemed like many guests were tearful as well. While we were standing up by the altar, I grabbed my two kleenexes that I'd packed for tear-dabbing (damn the mascara) for me, one for Annie. As I gave away my kleenex, I heard some whimpering from behind me. I glanced toward the two other bridesmaids, who were smiling happily. Where was the loud, wet sobbing coming from? I turned around...sure enough, it was non other than Bobby. I grudgingly shared my kleenex. He didn't give it back.

The only disappointing part of Annie's wedding day was the fact that my camera died a few pictures into the day. With new batteries inside. I just about chucked the piece of crap out the window. There will be more on this story in another post. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of the happy couple that I found while rummaging through facebook. I love facebook.

I am bummed that I don't have many pics of Julia and Mary from the day. They were super cute. They were a fantastic pair of flower girls and, despite being rather naughty during the service, got good reviews from the rest of the guests. I guess flower girls are supposed to be the comic relief during the wedding anyways.

By the way, the above photo is NOT from the wedding. It's my darling sister in an 80's cocktail dress...another lovely picture from facebook. :)

Here's the wedding party at the reception.
Annie and friend/former roomie Michelle. Thanks Michelle for taking pictures on this most lovely day!
Annie and Mark posing for pics outside
Mark's family singing, "honey" to Annie during the reception.
Mark nibbling Annie's garter off.
The electric slide. I danced most of it, but gave up for a chat with Annie at the end. Annie had put this on her "do not play" list, but it came up anyways. I was glad to dance it. I dont' care if it's repetitive, doo doo. It's FUN. and good exercise. You, of all people, should know that!
Mark, HONEY.
The happy couple.
This is a random photo of my my family at Christmastime in 1986. Annie is two, bobby is about 6 months. I think I just turend seven...and that would make Jason about twelve.
The bridal party
Stupid blurry picture! this would have been a nice one.
Annie and the flower girls...aka Julia and Mary. The had so much fun!!!
Random picture of Annie from years ago. She has a burrito in her hands and has wrapped it in what looks to be Bungee Cords. Weird woman.

Uh, Mom, I think I forgot my veil. Could you call dad and have him pick it up? I'm sort of getting married today.

Bride with her Bare Minerals Make-up. ahhh.
Hair, Boom, and coffee. Nice combo!
Here we are!
Happy couple again. Nice shot.
Blue steel, the look from zoolander. This girl has her game face on!
Happy couple, with Mark trying on what looks to be a rather fashionable pair of jeans. Or they might not be...I am about as good at fashion as I am at deep sea treasure hunting. Which is pretty lousy.
To conclude, don't forget that Annie wears cocktail dresses from the 80's

*In Public
*Without drinking first
*and Looks Good in them!

Happy Wedding, Annie and Mark!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Is this May, or November??!?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beeby Loot!

Beeby Loot! aka "Baby Luke," according to Mary. We are so blessed with such a wonderful, darling, good-natured little boy and couldn't be happier. I'm not even being sarcastic...he's a great addition to our family. These pics are from two weeks ago. The other little baby in the pictures is the little lady that he's betrothed Ameila Anne Linde, the daughter of our dear friends, Dan and Jessi. He is ten days and a few pounds her senior. These pics are from their first "date." :)
HI World!

Luke's hair gets all cute and curly after a bath. He hasn't lost any of his mop. It's blonde and long and curly...and it's staying that way! Yay!

Hey baby!

Happy Birthday, Julia!

I can't believe it! Our little girl is FOUR! Julia turned 4 on April 24th. We celebrated with a princess cake (aka Mama played "cake boss!"), Dan, Jessi, and Mia. Julia's requested menu for dinner? Chili with crackers, and mini corn dogs. oookay, then.
Barbie and her "cake knickers."

Princess jammies and a princess dolly set! Our house is getting pinker and pinker...

Dan and Jessi helped with the present opening. What fun!

I couldn't resist posting this picture. Barbie is showing her dark side...