Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday

Sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters!

Today Julia and I went on a shopping marathon...2 1/2 hours, five stores....phew! Everyone at work is getting very coupon-happy, and we wanted to try our hand at getting some deals. We clipped coupons and made lists....and despite my best efforts, my grocery bill was STILL $100. I don't know how I have such grocery bill is almost ALWAYS $100. I can go to the Kroger with an enormous list or just to pick up "milk and eggs," and the cashier always asks me for a Ben Franklin. Anybody else out there have that problem?

Julia was a shopping champion. She held coupons and didn't run away to play with toys. I didn't catch her opening all the musical cards in the Hallmark section and she didn't "taste" all the grapes. By the time we made it to Target, she was pointing out Clearance sighs. She was so good for me that I rewarded her with a fairy wand and some boinger-oingers with stars. I love that my kids are young enough that a 50 cent gift from target is enough to make their day!

I had to post this picture. Mary looks beyond enthusiastic about her new wand and matching jammies. Life is good.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm proud of my shopping pre-schoolers - go, girls, go and find those bargains! Sarahwill train you well - she's the master of finding good deals.