Monday, September 24, 2012

Saline Community Fair

Growing up, I went to the Benton County Fair every year, faithfully working at the Tri County Humane Society booth, and watching the nightly talent shows.  I went because I was supposed to work there, and it was kind of fun to talk to people all day. We never ate fair food (except for ice cream) and never went on rides.  Husband, on the other hand, sees things differently. He has never missed a State Fair.  His family has fair in their blood.  It's like the Sprengelers need a dose of fair food at least once a year or they will wither up and die.  Thus, the second we heard wind that the Saline County Fair had dollar kid's rides, the kids were fastened up in the Honda and waiting in the driveway for Mom.  Off we went.  It was a blast.  Even I rode a ride called the Carmina Bob, which is basically an electric bobsled ride that whips around....kind of like The Scrambler, only on an incline.   I loved every minute of it.

Julia and Mary on the kiddie roller coaster

Luke rides a Monster Truck

Sharing water in the Wagon

fair faces!

I wanted to ride this one but Mike wouldn't come with me.  And Julia, who begged to ride The Zipper, is 47 1/2 inches tall....half an inch too short for big kid rides.  Next year, my year.......

dirty, dirty boy and a fast whippy ride.  Joy.

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